Why Colombian Dish Bandeja Paisa Should Come With a Warning Label

Why Colombian Dish Bandeja Paisa Should Come With a Warning Label

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Healthy proteins

Bandeja paisa is actually a sizeable dish, that contain several kinds of healthy proteins: most frequently minced meat, chorizo (a traditional pork sausage indigenous to Spain and Colombia), morcilla (also referred to as black color pudding or blood sausage), and chicharrn (fried pork stomach, fried pork rinds or crackling). Typically this meats was utilized to aid farmers have plenty of energy and make strength to final the entire working time inside a hands-on setting undertaking difficult handbook labor.


In addition to all of that health proteins, bandeja paisa also includes a number of carbohydrates: bright white rice (usually eaten across Colombia), plantain (a form of banana, even bigger and with significantly less sugars compared to the standard sort), and arepa (a conventional Colombian flatbread created from corn and offered in many different varieties). These carbohydrates give personnel a gradual vitality-relieve during the day permitting them to always keep their power up.

Other elements

A bandeja paisa also occasionally includes red legumes, avocado, fried egg cell and corn. The components fluctuate in between locations and even individual dining establishments: each one has their very own carry out the regular plate. This really is a particular meal which is frequently enjoyed on special events in Colombia’s Antioquia area.

Cardiac arrest on the plate

Bandeja paisa is often referred to as “a cardiac event on a plate” because of the blend of necessary protein, carbohydrates and further meals, it is a substantial-calorie and high-body fat food. These foods are relatively very good meals, but jointly and in this large number this food could be up to 1,000 energy. It really is often referred to as “a celebration of meats on the frisbee-fashion platter,” since the dinner is usually dished up with an oblong-shaped plate to be able to support the sheer level of food.


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