Colombian food the story of bandeja paisa

Colombian food the story of bandeja paisa

Colombian Food items: The Story of Bandeja Paisa

What is Bandeja Paisa

The Bandeja Paisa is really a standard Colombian dish from your area Antioquia as well as the Gourmet coffee Region. The meal is described as loads of food, not merely the range of different substances and also by the amount of the food. Interpreted from Spanish language it freely results in ‘farmer’s tray’ - due to the utter dimensions it is usually dished up on the plate. This large dish is a representation of paisas' attention, comfortable welcome, and enticing principles, which can be evidence of their desire for providing the best on their visitors.

Typically the Bandeja Paisa contains rice, Chicharrn (pork cracklings), avocado, minced various meats, a fried ovum, Chorizo sausage, fries, a platano, salad and tomato, blood sausage (morcilla), arepa and hogago (a warm salsa produced from tomato and red onion). With everything, you will certainly be served the favorite reddish colored beans from Antioquia. Understandably - all this will make a giant dinner!

From the various regions of Colombia, you will probably find numerous variants of the plate, including new substances or changing other folks.

Bandeja Paisa in the Restaurant Los angeles Gloria de Gloria

The story behind the recipe

There are numerous accounts with regards to the roots of your dish. One particular version states that the individuals from the Paisa Region in Colombia just adored having lots of food - as a result the truly amazing amount in the trays of your Bandeja Paisa.

An additional story ascribes the origin to your cafe manager from Bogot, who organized a buffet of typical Antioquian dishes. Seeing the invitee placing lots of different foods on their own dishes and experiencing it encouraged him to create a dish with a dish sufficient to put the various components.

Last but not least, the Bandeja Paisa could be a advancement depending on the typical ‘Seco’-Dishes (stewed meat with rice).

Where can I try to eat Bandeja Paisa?

Today, in just about any Colombian diner with normal dishes you can order a Bandeja Paisa. Nonetheless, we might recommend trying the meal in Antioquia - exactly where it will be the most typical. In Medelln, we went to an incredible location and had Bandeja Paisa in the cafe La Gloria de Gloria. The cafe is at Envigado, actually a specific city however nowadays it is actually combined with the town of Medelln. The center of Envigado carries a captivating square having a church and a lovable water fountain. From that point it really is a ten-second go walking towards the restaurant (use the road left of the church and stick to it up).

Envigado sq . and church

On our visit there we had been welcomed by Doa Gloria themselves. We continued a past due evening throughout the full week (about 3 pm) and that we instantly received a kitchen table. On the inside, the bistro is adorned with older photographs along with the antique inside provides it a homely atmosphere. We had been very feeling hungry and our desire for food must have shown on our facial looks, but Gloria reported: “Oh for you personally two you, far better only buy a single dish!” She was so appropriate, the segment they brought was massive so we weren’t capable to accomplish each of the food (one particular Bandeja Paisa).

The 1st plate was actually a broth with vegetables and beef in addition to some tasty arepas with hogao salsa. Chances are they unveiled the huge holder with the rice, meats, and fritos. The Bandeja was so huge, we had issues getting a picture in the complete plate! It definitely is really a specific meal with lots of different flavours and textures that will leave you feeling extremely happy. Here it is actually a risk to eat way too much and fall under a foods coma )

Throughout our food, the hostess sat outside the house along with us and was chatting with moving neighbours. With all the local people coming by, you could really feel that this cafe continues to be portion of the neighborhood for a long period!

At the conclusion of our food we had been provided a shot of Aguardiente, a Colombian conventional liquor, for “digesting” ) So we loaded the rest of the meals for later. The stroll to the primary sq of Envigado actually sensed pretty great following this sort of food.

Hopefully our post has created you fascinated to test this particular dish - the pictures seem delightful, right? If you want to love a standard Colombian lunch or dinner using a nice volume of food items - just ask for a bistro where they assist Bandeja Paisa!