Spiced teacakes

Spiced teacakes

Can make 6 teacakes

The Hairy Bikers share their menu just for this conventional teatime take care of - significantly better than anything at all store-acquired.

Makes 6 teacakes


  • 375g/13oz robust white-colored breads flour
  • tsp ocean sea salt flakes, lightly crushed
  • 7g/oz sachet fast-measures dried out yeast
  • 1 tsp floor combined liven
  • 1 tsp terrain cinnamon
  • 1 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
  • orange, energy only
  • 50g/1oz caster glucose
  • 50g/1oz butter, cubed
  • 150ml/5fl ounce semi-skimmed milk products
  • 1 cost-free-variety ovum, beaten
  • 125g/4oz combined dehydrated fruit
  • 2 tsp sunflower essential oil, for greasing
  • butter, for helping


Mixture the flour, sea salt, yeast infection, spices, orange zeal and sugar in the sizeable pan.

Put the butter and milk products in a tiny saucepan as well as heat very gently up until the butter is dissolved along with the milk products is merely warm. Remove from your warmth and whisk from the egg cell.

Come up with a properly in the centre from the flour combination and dump from the cozy butter, whole milk and egg. Blend by using a wood place before the blend varieties a ball.

Come out on a really lightly floured area and knead for five minutes produce a easy, pliable cash. Knead the fresh fruits in the cash right up until equally dispersed, then set the cash in a lightly greased bowl, include freely with oiled clingfilm and then leave to go up inside a comfortable place for 1 time, or until more than doubled in size and spongy to feel.

Knead the cash softly, divide into half a dozen servings and roll into balls. Using a rolling pin, flatten every tennis ball into a circle about 1cm/in dense and put on the large cooking plate lined with baking parchment. Protect with oiled clingfilm and then leave to increase for any additional 45 a few minutes.

Preheat the your oven to 190C/375F/Petrol 5. Remove the clingfilm and bake the teacakes in the center from the stove for 15-18 minutes or so, or until finally nicely risen and glowing-brownish. Serve hot or keep to cool with a wire holder, then toast and offer distribute thickly with butter. Take in within 24 hours to experience them at their best.